1.Artificial Grass Glue

artificial grass glue Glue and Seaming Tape
—Easy spreading with hand trowel or brush
—Secure weather resistant bond
—High initial grab
—Good temperature resistance

2.Seaming Tape(Adhesive tape, seam tape, joining tape)

seamingtape Glue and Seaming Tape

How to use artificial grass glue and seaming tape(Adhesive tape, Seam Tape, Joining Tape)?See the picture bellow

use artificial grass glue Glue and Seaming Tape

Generally speaking, artificial grass comes in rolls like carpet(roll width is 4 meters or 2 meters, length as request), So when installing artificial grass lawn, you may need to join several pieces of fake grass together with special artificial grass  glue and adhesive tape to match you area.

The artificial grass adhesive glue we recommended is special designed for artificial lawn installation. It is easy spreading with hand trowel. Secure weather resistant bond. High initial grab. Good temperature resistance.

We also have Self-Adhesive Tape for garden/playground lawn project. Click the link to go the detailed page.