A shock pad increases the playability and safety of an artificial turf pitch and keeps it at a top level for longer. Our artificial grass shock pad  provide a comfortable and natural cushioning to a synthetic grass surface. Its excellent water drainage makes it a very popular product for Soccer,Rugby,Hockey, playground, multi-purpose area and landscape. It is light in weight, can be tailored according to your field, and easily installed as underlay for grass with low labor cost.

Shock pads are the ultimate way to add safety and resilience to the artificial grass surface. In sports industry, shock pads are often referred as an “insurance policy.” According to FIFA-endorsed regulations, the shock-attenuation testing is recommended for every sports field.

And for playgrounds, The foam shock pad provides a comfortable and natural cushioning. This will not only assure safety for you and your kids but also prevent the turf to flatten by everyday use. Because of the cushioning, shock absorbing function of the shock pad, the fiber is being supported to come up again and stay in its original upright position. The product has a closed-cell structure in order to prevent it from absorbing water and to avoid a so-called sponge-effect.

Shockpad-artificial-grass-underlay Artificial Grass Shock Pad Underlay Installation Accessories shock pad

Shock-Pad-for-Artificial-Grass-System Artificial Grass Shock Pad Underlay Installation Accessories shock pad   (Different density and thickness are available, please contact us for more details)

Artificial-Grass-Shockpads Artificial Grass Shock Pad Underlay Installation Accessories shock pad

1. The shock pad underlay is very easy to install because of light weight and easy handling. Only one day needed to finish a standard size football field.
2. Closed cell PE foam doesn’t absorb water; Which makes the installation will not be affected by bad weather.
3. Since edges of our shockpad underlay are cut neatly, all the joints can be easily and accurately welded.
4. The unique design offers excellent water drainage and avoid swelling or shrinking and thus the dimension always remains stable.
5. Excellent shock absorption and ball rebound.
6. Not rot or pulverize and long usage life.
7. Heavy-duty machine is no problem to move on its flat surface.
8. Roll length can be tailored to the field size, which reduces waste and labor force to utmost.
9. Stable shock absorption keeps the system sports performance stable for a long time.

artificial-grass-field-with-shock-pad-underlay Artificial Grass Shock Pad Underlay Installation Accessories shock pad

Choosing the right type of shock pad for your pitch is influenced by how it performs with the chosen surface. There are choices of thicknesses, densities and materials, and between those produced in a factory and mixed and laid on site. If you have any question related to artificial grass shock pad, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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