Kindergarten Artificial Turf Playground

It is not so easy to find the right surface for a kindergarten playground. Traditional chooses such as natural lawn, safety mat and much more have some benefits and a lot of major drawbacks as well. However, if choose artificial turf for a playground it could make sure that there is an amazing flooring for.. read more →

The hidden hero, and often villain, of many sports is the turf that is being played on. When the majority of people watch sport the ground surface is forgotten unless it plays a negative effect on the game or competition. Maintaining the condition of the turf or track is vital to ensure a fair and.. read more →

Reflecting Sunlight Results In Artificial Grass Melting

Using energy efficient windows are great way to keep your home cooler by reflecting the sun away from your home. We have found that the reflection caused by energy efficient windows can magnify the sun to a point of melting the artificial grass surface. Artificial grass has a very high melting point of 200 degrees.. read more →

Sport Field Artificial Grass Lines

Sport field Lines can either be painted onto artificial grass surface or be inlaid. Inlaid, or ‘cut in’, lines are more permanent. The inlaid artificial grass lines reduce maintenance costs, so they are generally recommended for all the main pitch markings. Paint lines are used when temporary alternative lines are needed. Inlaid artificial grass line.. read more →

Cut and trim artificial grass

when start to install artificial grass, you need to measure the area and roll artificial grass on the base and cut each section. Cut artificial grass to match the shape of your area is very import. Proper cutting will provide a clean and nice looking installation. It is good to leave some extra length when.. read more →