ArtTurf artificial grass has passed certificates of anti-UV, anti-fire, wear-resistance, environment-friendly, no-lead(Pb) and so on. read more →

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Our technology and innovation focus on fiber, backing, and infill of artificial grass. They are three main components to a artificial turf product system. 1) Turf Fiber Turf fiber, also called as Blade, yarn. Turf fibers are responsible for comfort and safety of the player, durability, a natural, grass-like look with soft and pleasing grass-like feel.. read more →

Nowadays there are many artificial grass factories in the world. Why choose from us? We take responsibility for QUALITY… To provide top quality artificial turf products to our customers,  ArtTurf works closely with raw material suppliers in China and the world, recognised testing houses and has its own laboratory equipped with the latest testing equipment… read more →

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