Golf Synthetic Putting Greens

Synthetic putting greens are quickly becoming the perfect way to perfect your golf putting skills either outdoor or indoor! Our golf putting green artificial grass is made to last with less maintenance than real grass, without looking fake, and performance as well as real putting greens.

art-turf-backyard-golf Golf Synthetic Putting Greens

Backyard Synthetic Putting Green

Benefits of Our Golf Synthetic Putting Green:

  • Play golf at home garden/backyard, whenever you want
  • Play golf every day of the year
  • Can be laid in any garden, roof terrace or balcony
  • Top quality golf artificial grass: for good times
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Artificial grass that feels natural to the touch
  • Having a game of golf at home, any time you like

Backyard synthetic putting greens are great for all ages. Children can run around, hit shots and play all types of games on backyard artificial putting greens. Adults can get serous about improvement with a great practice area right out the back door with a backyard putting green.
Backyard-Putting-Green Golf Synthetic Putting Greens

Golf Putting Green Construction:

Building The Base
Locating And Setting Cups
Installing Artificial Turf
Filling The Green With Infill And Top Dressing Sand
Rolling The Green and Finishing The Job

Putting Green Fringe Turf

Enhance the look and depth of your putting green with one of our fringe turfs. Besides adding a more realistic look, fringe turfs give you an area to practice your chipping. We carry a wide range of fringe turfs to make sure you can create the perfect green.

As a perfect complement to your putting green, we offer a wide selection of synthetic fringe turf.  Not only do these turfs add practicality to your residential putting green by allowing you to practice short chips and pitches, they improve the appearance of your green with a clearly defined apron that will look great all year round.

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