Artificial Grass For Garden And Landscape

Have you ever thought how your home would be without a lush green courtyard? To make your home garden look elegant and astounding you should come across our garden artificial grass and which are stylish and replaces the natural grass in the most effective way. With Art Turf landscape artificial grass, you don’t have to think twice of replacing your backyard with superior artificial lawn that are durable and long lasting.

Artificial Grass Never Looked and Felt More Natural!

Our aim is to make our artificial lawn look and feel as nice and soft as natural grass. Some of the models should be the most realistic artificial grass available on the market.

Artificial grass before and after installation

art-turf-before-after Artificial Grass For Garden And Landscape   Before&After Installing ArtTurf Artificial Grass

Benefits of landscape artificial grass:

    • Low maintenance – generating savings on time and up-keep costs. This applies to homeowners, the elderly for whom maintenance is not practical, second/holiday home owners and also organisations such as local councils who have to maintain roadside verges, city parks and pathways
    • No watering – ideal where water is scarce or in hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas. For those on water meters it also offers a saving – during warm weather it’s estimated that as much as 75% of residential water is used to irrigate lawns.
    • Better for the environment – artificial lawn no need for pesticides and mowing.
    • Durability with visual appeal – ideal for effective, low maintenance landscaping and play areas.
    • Natural looking-most of our artificial garden turf products are close to real grass. You will find our four-tone styles,evergreen or bi-colors models are extremely close to natural grass that you can not find the difference from a distance.

Artificial-grass-benifits Artificial Grass For Garden And Landscape

Art Turf Artificial  Lawn Landscape Applications:Garden, backyard, rooftop, balcony, play areas; Exercise/Gym room;Restaurant, hotel/motel;Company flooring, showroom;Temporary activities flooring
…Just use your imagination!

When calculating the amount of artificial grass you need, you have to take a number of factors into account:

  • Artificial grass is produced in 4-metre wide swaths – it’s useful to bear this in mind when designing your lawn
  • Artificial grass always has a pole direction – each swath of grass has to have the same pole direction, or there will be an optical colour difference.
  • For the most attractive result, the pole direction should point towards where the grass is looked at most, for example, a sitting room or patio. In this way, the grass looks most natural. Bear this in mind when planning your lawn.

Installation Guide for garden
Maintenance Guide for Residential&Commercial Areas

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