Artificial Grass Playground

When looking for safety, durability, and the perfect play surface for children, ArtTurf playground artificial grass is the way to go. Our playground artificial grass is safer, cleaner and softer than any other artificial or organic play surface including the best rubber playground surfacing.

We understand that playground’s safety, maintenance and cleanliness are critical to the happiness of your children and your own peace of mind. Our playground artificial turf can be used in all types of playgrounds ranging from backyards, schools, and municipal green areas. The ArtTurf artificial grass all year round makes for quite an attraction for children of all ages.

Safe, Clean, And Always Green Artificial Grass for Playground

Benefits of Our Artificial Turf Playground Surfaces

  • Safety:Safety is key. ArtTurf playground surfacing is designed to look and feel like natural grass while providing superior protection against falls, cuts and abrasions. Besides, our artificial turf is lead free, safe for kids.
  • Increased Use: Artificial lawn area can be used continuously because it’s more resilient than natural grass
  • Natural Looking All Year Round: Artificial grass carpet always green and is unaffected by weather extremes or use
  • Clean: Dirt, mud and grass cuttings are no longer tracked into classrooms, cars and homes; Animals and insects are not attracted to it
  • Low maintenance: Pays for itself in water and maintenance savings
  • Rapid Drainage: The water drain right through the artificial turf  for immediate use after a rain fall(The sub-base construction will affect the drainage).
  • Parents and kids love it!!!
Artificial-Grass-Advantages- Artificial Grass Playground

The advantages of our artificial playground grass are that children will not be treading muddy feet inside the school building and parents won’t have to worry about washing soiled uniforms from children playing on the grass. A foam base can also be applied to the synthetic playground turf to provide extra protection from falls underneath playground equipment such as slides and climbing frames.

Maintenance of artificial playground grass is minimal with just occasional brushing recommended by most manufacturers. However, we suggest you take annual inspections to make sure the kids are playing on a safe playground surface.

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