Non Infill Football Grass MND-30

ArtTurf non-infill football/soccer artificial turf is one of our new generation football/soccer grass products.

Our Non Infill artificial football grass, is mainly developed and made for 3-a-side, 5-a-side football sport. It used the field maximumly and provide a convenient football pitch fast. Non infill football artificial grass is specially proper for residential community, school, kindergarten, business center, remote area and temporary football field.

Non-infill football and soccer artificial grass give the football player a natural-grass feeling and make technically high-quality football possible in all weather conditions. Unfilled artificial grass football pitches have all the advantages of previous generations of soccer grass and score even higher in wear and resilience tests. These top football grass products consist of two types of yarn, straight football/soccer grass yarns that are supported in a bed of crossed football/soccer grass yarns. The absence of rubber infill makes installation, maintenance and recycling easier.

Advantages of ArtTurf non-infill artificial football grass:

Outstanding wear-resistance
Our non-infill artificial football grass is proven durability. The lab test has shown that even after 12000 cycles – equivalent to 8 years of normal football play – there is still no splitting of the grass fibres. This is an outstanding score.

Simple, minimal maintenance
Topping up with rubber and sweeping are no longer necessary. The pitch just has to be sprayed and brushed every now and then. Maintenance costs are therefore minimal.

Ecologically sound
The absence of rubber filling makes this artificial grass outstandingly environmentally friendly. If the pitch ever has to be replaced, the costs are limited.

Faster installation
Because no rubber has to be added, installation is quicker. If time is a crucial factor, this can be very important to the success of a project