Artificial Grass For Sports

ArtTurf artificial grass is installed on hundreds of soccer pitches, football fields, tennis courts and other sports fields worldwide for high schools, universities,municipalities, recreation centers and soccer clubs.

Popular applications for sports artificial turf include football pitches, rugby pitches, hockey fields, baseball fields, lawn tennis courts…

tennisturfcourt Artificial Grass For Sports
Artificial Grass Tennis Court




Team sports industry ltd. strives to ensure that all our valued customers receive the best industry leading artificial turf products and support when choosing artificial sports grass. We apply our experience when evaluating your needs, budget and we advise you on the best possible choice for your sports surface. As specialists in the area of  sports field turf, we can offer you a custom built package from planning to construction and delivery of your product.

Advantages of ArtTurf artificial sports grass:

  • Minimize the investment-No watering, no maintenence, no fertilizer.
  • Maximizes playing time-With artificial grass surfacing, you can almost use the field all the year round without weather and season limited. Especial suitable for some organizations which use the field frequently such as schools/universities and soccer clubs.
  • Increases revenue generation potential.
  • Offers the proven-durability and safe products in the industry-All ArtTurf artificial turf products are tested strictly before delivery.
  • Provides a consistent artificial turf surface for superior all-around performance-Our high performance series artificial grass products are as good as natural grass or even better.
  • Minimizes abrasions, neural and joint injuries-ArtTurf protects the plays carefully and minimize the injuries, contributes to less time lost to injury-compared to natural grass.