While there is significantly less maintenance with ArtTurf than with natural grass and competing artificial grass and synthetic turf systems, some tasks are necessary to ensure your artificial turf continues to perform at the highest level.

There are 4 basic maintenance operations that all ArtTurf artificial turf fields require according to our recommended maintenance schedule. We simply call them Brushing, Aerating, Raking and Sweeping.

ArtTurf Artifical Sports Field Maintenance
1.Brushing – Rejuvenates the matted fibers and levels the top portion of the infill.
2.Aerating – Minimizes risk of slight compaction, by penetrating and loosening the infill with rotating tines.
3.Raking – Prevents fibers from matting down and ensures infill is loosened.
4.Sweeping – Ensures debris doesn’t get into the infill.

sports-field-maintenance Artificial Sports Turf Field Maintenance maintenance   Other necessary maintenance procedures should be done periodically and according to ArtTurf’s maintenance guidelines.
Inspection of line markings and seams – In the unlikely event that line markings or seams come apart, then you need to repair them as soon as possible.
Infill topdressing – For high traffic areas, rubber may need to be added to the top layer of infill.
Snow Removal – Snow must be removed according to field-friendly guidelines.